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Visit and explore new, unusual, and rare plants in a five acre park-like setting nestled in the Valley of the Moon. Highlights of the nursery are 250 different Japanese maples, 50 varieties of dogwoods, and companion plants. Established gardens blend unusual plants into inspiring displays.

Acer Palmatum Upright Habit Acer Palmatum Dwarf Japanese Maples Acer Palmatum dissectums Other Asian Maples Dogwood and more...

upright habit Japanese Maples
These maples have the familiar palmate leaf and grow to between 15-20 ft.

Dwarf Japanese Maples
These small Japanese maples will range in size from 5–8 ft. in 10 years.

Japanese Maples Lace leaf
These cascading maples typically grow wider than tall.

Various Other Maples
Acer Shirasawanum, Japonicum,
and other species.

35 varieties of Cornus florida, kousa, and nuttallii.

Ginkgos, Conifers & more

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Spring colors go wild at Wildwood Nursery.
Lilac Daphne, Japanese Maples, 40 varieties of Dogwood and many more plants greet Spring 2015 with bright blooms and intense foliage.

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Japanese Maples Glow with Colors of Fall
Fall colors are spectacular at Wildwood Nursery in Sonoma County. In this video owner Joseph Monte guides us through his collection of Japanese maples; and one sees the transformation from muted tones of summer to vibrant hues of orange, scarlet and gold.

Wildwood Nursery Tree Shaping Service
Aesthetic pruning and corrective pruning (tree shaping) is as much an art as it is a science. Careful pruning produces an individual tree that interacts with the setting and establishes the mood for the garden. Please contact us for further information, or to set up an appointment.

Welcome to the EMERALD GARDEN. Planning a special meeting or celebration? This natural setting is easy to access yet very private. Call us for further information. Details & Photos

We invite you to visit our specialty nursery in Sonoma County. We are located at 10300 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, California.

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