Upright Habit

In the descriptions below, heights are for trees at least 15 years old; container grown size would be smaller.

Quite often we have larger trees available. Please inquire! This list is updated regularly, but may not represent our actual inventory. Please call or email to confirm availability, sizes and prices.

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Indicates gold fall color.   Indicates orange fall color.   Indicates red fall color.


Aoyagi (shown at right) - The name means "green coral" referring to the bright green bark on twigs and limbs. Older wood roughens and develops white striations. New spring leaves have a golden glow similar to the Golden Full Moon maple. An upright tree, it is slow growing. It is often placed near a red bark maple for the effect of their winter silhouettes. Six/seven year and larger available.

Asahi zuru - The "rising sun maple" forms a striking vase shaped tree. The leaves are variegated: green leaves have distinct white sections, some much more so than others; and variegation increases on older wood. Considered a rapid grower when young, this tree slows as it matures reaching a height of 9 - 12'.

Beni kawa (shown at right, fall color) - The silhouette of this tree is beautiful due to vibrant red bark, which seems more intense than that of Sango kaku (the better known coral bark tree). Mature tree takes full sun. Green leaves show red edges in the fall, becoming red and gold. The color is irregular over the tree - which I find pleasing - each day adds a bit more here and there. Incidentally, Beni kawa is reputed to be very cold hardy. Grows slowly to around 15 feet.

Beni otake – Intense red foliage is of the `linearlobum’ type. This means each lobe is long and narrow creating a bamboo-like effect. The name translates aptly to `Big Red Bamboo.’ Branching structure is pleasingly open. Two year and older available.

Butterfly (shown at right) - Silver variegated foliage. This small-leaved tree gives a dainty image. Surprisingly, a 4 or 5 years old Butterfly will handle a mostly sunny garden location. Densely branched, upright tree 9 - 12 feet.

Corallinum - Even the smallest Corallinum will draw appreciative looks in the spring with its’ dazzling shrimp-pink new growth. The leaf evolves into many shades of green & blue green in summer. This semi-dwarf appreciates protection from wind and hot sun. Several sizes available.

Emperor 1 (shown at right) - This maple amazes gardeners with its ability to thrive in full sun. The dark red leaf brightens to scarlet in fall. Lovely open habit.

Ever Autumn - Gorgeous large leaf with rich green coloration and a red-orange blush throughout most of growing season. Color is more intense as tree matures. Vigorous, strong plant.

Fireglow - Good news for small gardens! New leaves on this cultivar resemble a small “Bloodgood” leaf; yet they maintain a more intense red as summer progresses. Fireglow matures into a sun tolerant maple around 9 to 12 feet tall. Mature specimens available.

Hefner’s Red - NEW upright cultivar. We anticipate a mature height of 9-10 fee in ten years.

Herbstfeuer - Strong growing full-sized cultivar with intense orange and red fall color.

Hogyoku (shown at right) - Green leaf with broad lobes tapering neatly to a point. One of most adaptable to heat and/or poor conditions. Compact habit 10-15 feet. Known for orange fall color. Three year and older available.

Ichigyoji - Broad lobed, large leaves emerge green. This tree is remarkable for dependable yellow and orange fall color. This is also a versatile maple. Gardeners with plenty of room can let it grow to about 18 feet tall. If space is limited, Ichigyogi responds well to shaping and can easily be kept within the bounds of a smaller garden.

Iijima sunago (shown at right, spring/summer and fall) - Lightly variegated foliage in the "sand-dusted" manner. The leaves on this maple are painted from an expansive palette: Spring growth is red with dark orange tones. Summer brings a range of bronze and green tones. In the fall, leaves are a rusty red and occasionally an intense pink, as pictured above. Strong, upright tree eventually reaches about 20 feet. Two gallon and older available.

Jiro shidare - Here is a beautiful exception to typical growth patterns. Jiro shidare has a full sized green leaf ; and it also has a cascading form. One customer discovered this tree and exclaimed, "Oh, a green fountain!" Mature branches are very pendulous. Forms a rounded tree of medium (9') height. Fall color is a striking orange.

Katsura – Also on the semi-dwarf page. Peach colored spring foliage, golden-green in summer.

Ki hachijo - Interesting bark is painted with bluish gray stripes. In the spring, the small leaves are bright lime green; and tiny flower clusters appear below the foliage. Distinctive fall color: yellow-gold and red. Slow upright growth to 15 feet and about as wide.

Kinran (shown at right) - Long, pointed lobes are spread apart, creating an open and graceful tree. Spring and early summer foliage is red with bright green veins. By summer's end, the leaf is mostly green. Easy to shape and good for container gardening, this tree is famous for fall color: crimson with gold.

Korean Gem (formerly Koreanum) - A green-leafed variety of the species indigenous to South Korea. Upright growth into a large round-headed specimen of up to 12 feet. Fall : yellow, red and orange.

Koto no ito - Venerable maple with bamboo-like foliage. Please see dwarf and semi-dwarf page.

Margaret Bee - This relatively fast growing maple maintains rich red color all summer. The habit is more narrow than that of many other upright red maples; and branching is open.

Novum - Dark-red spring foliage merges to many lively shades of red during the summer months. We like Novum’s vibrant colors as well as its sun tolerance As a landscape tree it will reach 20 feet. Several sizes available.

Nuresagi - Vigorous, upright grower to 20'. Leaves are bright red in spring and darken during the summer. Silver-white striations appear on mature bark.

Omato - Green leaf with red fall color. Very desirable as a landscape tree as it is strong growing with good limb structure.

Omurayama - Small landscape tree grows upright, yet side branches have a weeping tendency. We find mature trees are smaller than most literature indicates. Green leaves give good red fall color.

Orange Dream (shown at right) - Spring foliage emerges bright golden yellow quickly displaying orange margins. The leaves retain the yellow tones well into summer eventually evolving to light green. Fall: orange and bright gold. Orange Dream is an upright semi dwarf tree reaching 8-12 feet tall in 10 years. Prefers afternoon shade during summer months. Available in 1, 2 and 10 gallon sizes.

Osakazuki - The brilliant red fall color of this palmatum is often pictured in books and articles on Japanese maples. Grows into a large tree exceeding 20 ft. Mature trees available.

Oshu shidare - Cascading branches of maroon leaves. Forms a lovely, full mound and may reach 10' in height.

Peaches & Cream - Heavily variegated Australian selection. Grows to a wide spreading shrub about 6 feet. Best in part shade. Available in many sizes.

Purple Ghost - We enjoy its distinctive foliage and sturdy quality of the leaf. In the spring and most of summer leaves are a unique pink/ red with very dark—almost black- veins. Fall: intense orange and red. This maple seems as if it will grow to 20 feet.

Sango kaku (shown at right) - The coral tower maple is a well-known favorite. Upright to 15 - 18 feet. In the fall, green leaves turn rose colored before going gold. (see image at right).

Shindeshojo (shown at right) – Very showy in the spring with fire engine red leaf. The color evolves to green with flecks of blue later in the summer. Often chosen for bonsai and patio planting. Absolutely one of best small trees for spring color. 5 gallon and larger.

Shirazz - Leaf color is extraordinary. Spring: crimson-pink. Summer: complex blend of pinks, greens, and creamy-white. Fall: Red. Upright. A vigorous grower when young, the branches eventually arch out and down.

Shishigashira - The "Lion's mane," with its sculptured habit and tightly curled leaves, is slow-growing to 7 or 8 feet. Tolerates sun as an older tree. Orange fall color. Mature specimens available.

Sister Ghost - Ghost series. Majority of the leaf is white and the green veins stand out. Two gallon and older.

Tana - Leaves are a bright yellow-green with each lobe tipped in purple-red. Bright combination of golden-red in fall. This is an open, upright tree reaching 16 feet in a few years.

Tsuma gaki - Especially stunning during the spring season when new foliage droops from the petiole with a magenta tip. Mature plants are about 6 or 7' tall and as wide. This cultivar is exceedingly slow growing. Provide a protected location.

Tsukushigata - Leaves are wine red and the midvein of each wide lobe is a contrasting yellow-green. This sturdy tree grows easily to around 12 ft.and as wide. Width, of course, may be shaped by yearly pruning. Other lovely aspects of "Tsukushi gata" are the lime green seeds and bright pink leaf stalks. About the name: Tsukushi gata is a bay on the Japanese isand of Kyushu. Fall color is intense yellow.

Ueno yama - Outstanding orange spring foliage. This is a vigorous tree with long side branches. Medium tall.

Ukigumo (shown at right) - The foliage of the “floating cloud maple” is sand-dusted.  Varying amounts of white and pink are dusted across the leaves. Grows 6 - 12" a year maturing around 10 feet.

Winter Flame - This new tree is a compact form of Sango kaku. It has the same bright lime-green foliage, and, of course, the coral colored bark.

Yasemin  - Unusual leaf feature. The shape and color combination of the leaf of this cultivar is unique among palmatum cultivars: the leaf is large, round and incised. Strong-growing and upright. Rare.

Yezo nishiki - Subtle shades of bronze permeate the overall red tones. The tree is known also for its spreading habit and brilliant crimson fall color.

Yugure - Crimson in spring and green in summer the foliage turns again in the fall to a translucent red/ crimson. A full sized tree, Yugure grows to about 18 feet. The name translates as "twilight." Literary references to Yugure are found as far back as 1710.