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December 2014
The Best Japanese Maples

Silberlocke Korean Fir
A live Christmas tree: the gift that keeps on giving. With 20 years of tender loving care, this Sonoma-sourced 8-inch baby should grow into a 15- to 20-foot-tall tree. Keeping it in a container, though, will make it stay mini longer. $25.
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December 2014
The Best Japanese Maples

Look beyond 'Bloodgood' and you'll find out of the ordinary varieties that will make your heart beat just a little bit faster...
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Sunset Magazine Feb. 2014SUNSET MAGAZINE
February 2014

In small spaces (around patios, for example), plant slow-growing and dwarf varieties of conifer, dogwood, ginkgo, and Japanese maple. Wildwood Nursery carries a wide selection and ships anywhere.
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The Beauty of Japanese Dwarf Trees

"My search brought me to Wildwood Nursery in Kenwood in Northern California. I looked for a telephone number. To my surprise there was no option 1! It was a pleasure to get the friendly reassuring voice of Ricardo, the owner of the farm no less! I told Ricardo my problem and we got into a conversation.... I ordered two dwarf Japanese trees, an Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' and a weeping flowering cherry. Ricardo saved me the six hour drive and expertly packed them for shipping. They arrived in perfect condition." Read full article.

Sunset Magazine Oct.2010SUNSET MAGAZINE
October 2012
Must-Have Mini Tree

We fell for these dwarf Ginkgo biloba trees the second we saw them. They're tough, long-lived and they have fan-shaped leaves that turn bright yellow before dropping in fall. But unlike the familiar varieties that reach 35 feet tall or more, these cuties—including "Gnome," "Jehosephat" (shown), "Slovakian Princess," and "Spring Grove"—grow just 4 to 12 feet, perfect for any size garden.
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YouTube Video - How to Prune Japanese Maples

Joe Monte of Wildwood Nursery in Kenwood California demonstrates how to prune a large Japanese Maple.

He shows how to make proper cuts to large branches, and to shape the tree through making smaller cuts in the tree's canopy.



Marin Independent Journal - January 22, 2011 Fine Living: Illuminating talk by garden star Dan Pearson

Shape a Tree - Wildwood Nursery Nursery and Sculpture Gardens in Sonoma is offering a really nice deal for gardeners who want to keep their Japanese maples neatly shaped. Sign up for a tree-shaping class and you'll get a tour of the nursery's mature specimen Japanese maples to observe how pruning has enhanced their structure and get hands-on experience shaping your own Japanese maple seedling... which you get to take home with you. The one-hour classes cost $20 each and will be take place at 1 p.m. every Sunday in March. They are described as a "casual introduction to the art of tree shaping" and are limited to 10 participants, with coffee or tea afterward. Participants must bring their own clippers; gloves are optional.

Sunset Magazine Oct.2010SUNSET MAGAZINE
October 2010
What to Do in Northern California: October - Choose Maples

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Marin Independent Journal - Oct 17, 2009
Fine Living: Steel Spiders on Display at Kenwood Garden Itsy-Bitsy spiders?

spidersYou probably don’t have spiders as large— or approachable—a these in your garden, but Sara Monte in Kenwood welcomes them in her Kenwood nursery, saying that “spiders and spider webs are a natural fit for fall.”

Fabricated by metal artist David Mudgett, about a dozen larger-than-life fantasy insects, mostly spiders, will seemingly crawl through the brightly colored foliage at Monte’s Wildwood Nursery through December, part of “Fantasy Insects and Fall Color” exhibit. The smallest is 12 by 12 inches, the largest has legs that stretch 9 feet, and a scorpion-like creature stands 15 feet tall. From 1 to 4 p.m. Oct. 18 visitors can meet the artist and learn about gardening for gorgeous fall colors such as gold, orange and crimson during a guided tour of the Wildwood nursery and gardens which are known for its Japanese maples, dogwoods, katsura and smoke trees. A guided tour is at 2:30 p.m. There are also multiple sculptures on permanent display by 11 California artists at Wildwood. Wildwood Nursery at 10300 Sonoma Highway in Kenwood is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. Almost 80 percent of the nursery and gardens are wheelchair accessible.

Sunset Magazine, May 2009 - Northern California May Checklist

Shop for kousa dogwoods These shrubs (which can be trained as trees) have delicate-looking flowers in late spring and stunning red fruit and foliage color in fall. Sara Monte of Wildwood Nursery in Kenwood (888/833-4181) recommends these from its long list of in-stock kousas: white-bloomed ‘Angel Wings’, pink-flowering ‘Satomi’, and ‘Wolf Eyes’, which has cream-edged leave. Read complete article

The Press Democrat, May 9, 2009: Garden Doctors

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The San Francisco Chronicle, April 5, 2009 - Destinations: Spring Colors in Wine Country

Wildwood Nursery Japanese maple aficionados and gardeners rave about this family-owned farm outside Kenwood, which includes a retail nursery and mature and organic gardens that are open to the public. Owner Sara Monte says that, this month, the farm's most colorful plants will be its 35 dogwoods, Asian trees with delicate white flowers. Another brilliant attraction: the frontage that separates the farm from Highway 12, which Monte and her husband, Ricardo, have planted with wildflowers, including purple and blue penstemon, lupine, California poppy and larkspur in a variety of colors. Wildwood even boasts a sculpture garden with more than 100 pieces representing 20 emerging and established California artists. Also new this year: an organic vegetable garden, the brainchild of Joe Monte, a budding horticulturist who happens to be Sara and Ricardo's son. Read complete article

California Home + Design, November 2006 - Autumn Glow by Lydia Lee

With their fiery foliage, Japanese maples create a festive show leading up to the year's end. Read complete article

The Independent Journal, October 7, 2006: "Fall Arrives" by P.J. Bremier

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