Dwarf & Semi Dwarf Japanese Maples

Dwarf trees are diminutive and shrub-like. Normally a dwarf Japanese maple grows only about two inches a year. They may reach a height of 3 or 4 feet when they are ten years old. Semi dwarf trees grow a bit taller.
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Note: Height of two year dwarf maples is around 4 to 6 inches depending on the cultivar.

Indicates gold fall color   Indicates orange fall color   Indicates red fall color

Abigail Rose - This is a charming dwarf maple with green leaves. In the spring the new growth is suffused with rose tones.

Aratama - A much sought after miniature maple with showy tones of red in spring and early summer. Aratama takes sunlight well and is excellent for landscape or container growing. It is a favorite of our customers on both coasts.

Ariadne - Marbled variegation goes through several color changes from spring to leaf drop. This is a mid sized tree at maturity with good sized leaves.

Chishio Improved - A sprinkling of bright red spring color. It is a semi-dwarf growing to around 9 feet—less if you keep it in a container and prune regularly. The leaves become mostly green by the end of the summer. In the fall they turn a clear pink/red as shown in this photo taken mid November.

Coonara Pygmy - Excellent dwarf form from Australia. This tree is 3-6 feet at maturity depending on style of pruning. Gold fall color.

Corallinum - Some plants, like some people, are attention getters. Even the smallest Corallinum will draw appreciative looks. Shrimp-pink is the color of spring growth. Leaf is green in summer. This semi-dwarf appreciates protection from wind and hot sun. Many sizes available.

Fairy Lights - More finely divided foliage than any of the other japonicum cultivars. gold fall color red fall color

Fireglow - Great for small gardens! New leaves on this cultivar resemble a small “Bloodgood” leaf; yet they maintain a more intense red as summer progresses. Fireglow matures into a sun tolerant maple around 9 to 12 ft. tall.

Hanami nishiki - The name translates as: Flower viewing tapestry. One of the dwarfest of the dwarfs. 5 gallon size only at present.

Kamagata (shown at right) - Small green foliage is edged with red when new. Fall color is gold overlaid with orange and crimson. Dwarf with compact, balanced habit and upright form. Excellent as a container subject. Many sizes available. 

Koto no ito - Slow growing semi-dwarf form which is excellent for container or bonsai. Thread-like green leaves vary slightly in width. Enjoy rich blend of gold, orange & crimson in the fall.

Maiku jaku (pictured at right in November) - This is the extraordinary tree known as "Dancing Peacock" and as the "Fern Leaf Maple." Large green leaves with deeply cut lobes create a lush, fern-like feeling all summer, and then turn rich shades of red in the fall. Several sizes available.

Matthew - Light green leaves are soft on this slow-growing dwarf. Grows about 3" per year! Fall: gold and orange.

Mikawa yatsubasa - Rare and beautiful dwarf. Slender green leaves with elongated lobes display pinkish hues in spring; they become dark green during summer.  New shoots are very dense and create a fascinating overlapping pattern. Slow, 6-7 feet. Several sizes available.

Mino yatsubusa - This cultivar forms a dense dwarf shrub, perfect for container or bonsai. Limited sizes available.

Mizuho beni - A small tree in the Katsura group. It delights the spring garden with orange-yellow new foliage and leafs out at a normal time. Height in 10 years: 8 or 9 feet.

Murasaki kiyohime - Dwarf cultivar with small palmatum type foliage. Horizontal is the word that best describes its appearance. Very suited to bonsai.

Mr. Sun - Medium-sized, round leaf on a low branching shrub like tree. Each lobe comes to a sharp point creating a `sun burst' look. Fall color starts early: First of September the tips were growing red - gradually the entire leaf colored with orange and red markings.

Ojishi - Rare dwarf. Leaves are much like Shishigashira, but form is more compact. In fact, this is one of the most miniature cultivars.

Olsen’s Frosted StrawberryA multicolored maple that changes with the light and the seasons. Foliage emerges strawberry red and pink and lightens to pink and silvery white (like frosting) with touches of green. Slow growing and somewhat horizontal. Best with afternoon shade.

Orange Dream (shown at right) - Spring foliage emerges bright golden yellow quickly displaying orange margins. The leaves retain the yellow tones well into summer eventually evolving to light green. Fall: orange and bright gold. Orange Dream is an upright semi dwarf tree reaching 8-12 feet tall in 10 years. Prefers afternoon shade during summer months.

Oregon Fern - Very large and deeply cut leaves turn magnificent colors in the fall. Available in several sizes.

Oregon Sunset - a wonderful small maple with an open branching structure. New leaves are red and become darker red and more green as summer progresses. Fall color evokes a brilliant sunset!  

Otto hime - Very desirable little dwarf. Vertrees' third edition calls it the "Queen of the Dwarf Group."

Pixie - Small red leaves and profuse side branching in a great small shrub-like maple. The bright red tones persist virtually all summer in full sun. Three year and older trees available.

Rhode Island Red - This small tree is one of the most talked about of the new introductions to the world of Japanese maples. We expect it to grow to around six feet in ten years. Medium sized red foliage turns fiery red in the fall. Our two/ three year cultivars measure about 18' from soil level. As young trees, they will grow best in filtered sun. As they mature, they should handle nearly all day temperate sun. fall color red

Ryusen - Lush green foliage is displayed on dramatically cascading branches making this maple an ideal container subject. Place it in on a small table or plant stand where you and your garden guests will enjoy this abundant show. Although the branches cascade, the foliage is not dissected or feathery. Distinctive.

Shaina (shown at right) - Groupings of small red leaves form unique rosette patterns. This dwarf maple will grow slowly to about six feet; branching is dense.

Sharp's Pygmy - A naturally compact green tree forming a pleasing small round head. Rarely reaches three feet in height; excellent for bonsai. Green leaves have coarsely toothed margins; scarlet and orange in fall

Shidava Gold - Dwarf form of Aoyagi. Bright green bark. Foliage is a clear yellow-green. Experts estimate height in the average garden will be about 9 feet. Easily kept smaller in container.

Shishigashira - The "Lion's mane," with its sculptured habit and curled leaves, is a conversation piece. This maple is slow-growing—6 or 7 feet with age. Tolerates sun.

Skeeter's Broom - Semi-dwarf with bright red leaf. Red color persists during summer months. Growth tends to be somewhat columnar.

Wilson’s Pink Dwarf - Spring foliage emerges in tones of fresh pink and orange. Summer leaves are a light, bright green. Early to leaf out, Wilson’s Pink makes a charming container subject or rock garden focus. It is a slow growing, upright dwarf.