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Private Workshops at Wildwood Nursery

Looking for a relaxed and fun way to connect with friends and family in the coming months? Bring your club or group to the gardens at Wildwood Nursery for your own tailor-made workshop. Examples of workshops: Container planting, tree shaping, and wreath making.

We provide everything you need, give clear instructions, and stay with your group to help out. Baked treats can be part of the workshop fee; or you can pick up the goodies on the way!

Call (707) 833-1161 to reserve your date and time.

past events

Wildwood Nursery Garden Party, September 2019 

Food, drink, art, music, plant sale.

Tree-Shaping Workshop

Enjoy a fun and informative introduction to the art of tree shaping. This workshop features "hands- on" learning with individual assistance by Joe and Ricardo Monte, the owners of Wildwood Nursery. Class includes a tour to observe the broad characteristics of selected trees and how pruning has enhanced their structure. Get eight friends together and we'll teach a private class! Perfect for a garden party; you bring treats and we clean up!


Annual SPRING PREVIEW: A Weekend of Daphnes and Dogwoods

Meet and greet the newest plants in our collection. Daphne genkwa, from China, dazzles with purple flowers on bare branches. Dogwoods will burst into bloom in a few short weeks. Learn about dogwood and daphne varieties suited for our climates. Select flowering plants now and acclimate them to your garden. New additions to your garden plants in the ground now will be ready for longer and warmer spring days. Guided tours. Refreshments served.

Three Myths about Japanese Maples: A Class to Debunk Them

Presenter: Joseph Monte of Wildwood Nursery and Studio Wildwood

Visitors and customers frequently have incorrect assumptions about the care of existing and newly planted landscape trees—specifically Japanese maples. As professionals, we provide them with information to quell these myths and concerns. Because we too are deeply concerned about the consequences of this prolonged drought, Joe Monte is offering a presentation as a community service. During this workshop Joe, who is LEED certified, a garden designer, and a professional tree shaper, will comment on the following myths:   
MYTH 1. If I keep my Japanese maple alive, I will certainly exceed my water allocation. WRONG!
MYTH 2. I have eliminated all or nearly all my lawn and am re-landscaping. If I plant a Japanese maple, I will no longer have a water-wise garden. WRONG!
MYTH 3. All maples need to grow in the shade. WRONG!


wildwood Nursery Hours

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Thurs, Fri and Sat 10am–3pm

Phone: (707) 833‑1161
We are too busy during our final sale to return calls including inquiries as to availability.

Driving Directions

Location: We are located at 10300 Sonoma Highway, in the town of Kenwood, California, between the Kenwood Inn and the Kenwood Restaurant.
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Wheelchair access: About 80% of the nursery and gardens are wheelchair accessible.