Flowering Plants

flowering plants


Cyclamen - Cute fall bloomer is ideal in alpine gardens and woodland gardens. Pink flowers emerge in fall and continue through late winter. Distinctive markings on heart shaped leafs. Hugs the ground.

Daphne - Daphne odora marginata has unbeatable fragrance during the spring bloom. Evergreen enjoys shade and azalea like conditions. Daphne genkwa has a dazzling late winter show of electric BLUE flowers on bare branches.

Dove Tree - Davidia involuncrata Sonoma has hankerchief size white blooms at a very young age. Ruffled leaves add texture on 1215 ft. trees.

Exbury Azalea - Orange, yellow, red and pink blooming varieties provide stunning color in Spring. Deciduous plants grow in full sun in a mediterranean climate.

Fringe Flower - Pink flowers contrast with ever red foliage. Bushes grow to 4ft. x 4ft. in ten years

Kaffir Lilly - Perennial from South Africa has cheery pink and red blooms in late summer when everything else looks tired.

Matilija Poppy - California state poppy has palm size white blooms with yellow centers. Prolific summer bloomer with blue grey foliage. Easy to grow in full sun with no water; no TLC.

Peony - Cherry, magenta, red, white, and purple blooming varieties of bush and itoh peony. The queen of garden flowers in spring.

Rosa rugosa - Deer don't eat them. Disease resistant. Native to Asia so exceptionally hardy. Glossy green foliage. Small bushes. Magenta red blooms.

Smoke Bush - American, Australian, and European varieties have deep purple, red, and gold foliage with puffy blooms. Easy to grow in full sun with no water.

Summer Hyacinth - Showy white blooms on South African bulb stand 3' off the ground in late summer. Easy to grow.

Watsonia - Peach, raspberry, and cherry color blooms on this perennial dazzle in late Spring. Slender flower stalks and iris like foliage squeeze into small spaces. Full sun in Mediterranean climates.

Yucca - Green and yellow sword like foliage adds year interest to full sun gardens. White blooms in summer are a graceful contrast to sturdy foliage. Easy to grow in full sun with minimal water.