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Native to China, Ginkgo biloba is the sole living survivor of an ancient family whose ancestors thrived over 100 million years ago. The fan-shaped leaf resembles the Maidenhair fern; thus, the common name: Maidenhair Tree. Our dwarf and semi dwarf ginkgo biloba trees are grafted. Therefore you need not be concerned about purchasing a female tree that might produce fruit with a strong, offensive odor. The foliage turns a lovely clear yellow in the fall before it falls. Ginkgo biloba is hardy too—30° F and is suitable for most soils.

Pricing: All the trees below are dwarf and semi-dwarf forms. Several of them are new introductions and rare; they range in price from $55 to $95 in one gallon containers. Please inquire as to sizes available.

Expected Heights & Sizes: Heights with all dwarf and semi-dwarf ginkgo biloba is variable. It depends on climate, soil conditions, fertilizer, and so forth.

Beijing Gold - Dwarf. Leafs out gold in spring and turns golden yellow in fall. Small leaf.

Chi-Chi (aka Tschi Tschi) - Semi-dwarf form of gingko. Form a dense rounded shrub and is excellent for containers and small gardens.

Gnome - Dense, dwarf ginkgo. This form originated as a male seedling. The branches are thick with extremely short internodes. Good for bonsai training or permanent container planting.

Jade Butterfly - Large, scalloped leaves are divided almost in two in the center evoking the image of fluttering butterflies. As a semi-dwarf ginkgo, one can expect a height of 9-12 feet in about ten years—less if grown in a container.

Jehosephat - Very dense and slow growing. In the nursery Jehosephat has grown to about twelve inches in five years.

Majestic Butterfly - This is a somewhat new introduction with irregular markings of gold on the leaf. Semi dwarf.

Mariken - This unique ginkgo naturally grows in a tight, globe shape. It is a dwarf yet has a typical leaf size. Mariken is slower growing than Spring Grove.

Munchkin - Tiny leaves and twiggy branches. Munchkin is slow growing to around three feet in ten years. This may be the smallest growing of the dwarf ginkgos.

Spring Grove - This small growing ginkgo has been developed and grown for several years. Spring Grove has earned the praise of gardeners and nursery people throughout the world. A time-tested winner.

Sunstream - Leaves with irregular yellow-gold streaks are eye-catching all spring and summer. A recent introduction by Gary Handy, this sturdy little ginkgo is cheerful and lights up a small planting area. Rare.

Troll - Small, deep green foliage is arranged in tight patterns. Dwarf and Charming.


Dwarf Pines: Unique varieties for year round garden interest.

Sciadopitys verticillata (Umbrella Pine) – Soft needle like foliage.  Ancient conifer species is very slow growing. Also available as a dwarf form.

Weeping Cedrus Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar is easy to train with stakes.  Branching structure adds curves and twists to a landscape.


We offer beech, maple, pine, fir and evergreen trees pruned and maintained in bonsai style. Our bonsai maples and bonsai conifers are great as gifts for plant enthusiasts who want to expand a collection.