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Native to China, Ginkgo biloba is the sole living survivor of an ancient family whose ancestors thrived over 100 million years ago. The fan-shaped leaf resembles the Maidenhair fern; thus, the common name: Maidenhair Tree. Our dwarf and semi dwarf ginkgo biloba trees are grafted. Therefore you need not be concerned about purchasing a female tree that might produce fruit with a strong, offensive odor. The foliage turns a lovely clear yellow in the fall before it falls. Ginkgo biloba is hardy too—30° F and is suitable for most soils.

Pricing: All the trees below are dwarf and semi-dwarf forms. Several of them are new introductions and rare; they range in price from $55 to $95 in one gallon containers. Please inquire as to sizes available.

Expected Heights & Sizes: Heights with all dwarf and semi-dwarf ginkgo biloba is variable. It depends on climate, soil conditions, fertilizer, and so forth.

Beijing Gold - Dwarf. Leafs out gold in spring and turns golden yellow in fall. Small leaf.

Chi-Chi (aka Tschi Tschi) - Semi-dwarf form of gingko. Form a dense rounded shrub and is excellent for containers and small gardens.

Gnome - Dense, dwarf ginkgo. This form originated as a male seedling. The branches are thick with extremely short internodes. Good for bonsai training or permanent container planting.

Jade Butterfly - Large, scalloped leaves are divided almost in two in the center evoking the image of fluttering butterflies. As a semi-dwarf ginkgo, one can expect a height of 9-12 feet in about ten years—less if grown in a container.

Jehosephat - Very dense and slow growing. In the nursery Jehosephat has grown to about twelve inches in five years.

Majestic Butterfly - This is a somewhat new introduction with irregular markings of gold on the leaf. Semi dwarf.

Mariken - This unique ginkgo naturally grows in a tight, globe shape. It is a dwarf yet has a typical leaf size. Mariken is slower growing than Spring Grove.

Munchkin - Tiny leaves and twiggy branches. Munchkin is slow growing to around three feet in ten years. This may be the smallest growing of the dwarf ginkgos.

Spring Grove - This small growing ginkgo has been developed and grown for several years. Spring Grove has earned the praise of gardeners and nursery people throughout the world. A time-tested winner.

Sunstream - Leaves with irregular yellow-gold streaks are eye-catching all spring and summer. A recent introduction by Gary Handy, this sturdy little ginkgo is cheerful and lights up a small planting area. Rare.

Troll - Small, deep green foliage is arranged in tight patterns. Dwarf and Charming.


Dwarf Pines: Unique varieties for year round garden interest.

Sciadopitys verticillata (Umbrella Pine) – Soft needle like foliage.  Ancient conifer species is very slow growing. Also available as a dwarf form.

Weeping Cedrus Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar is easy to train with stakes.  Branching structure adds curves and twists to a landscape.


We offer beech, maple and evergreen trees pruned and maintained in bonsai style. Inquire for details.