About Us

Sara & Ricardo MonteWildwood Nursery is a family-run nursery in Sonoma County, California spread over four acres of gardens, growing grounds, and sales areas, at the site of what was once the Wildwood train stop. The nursery, bordered by vineyards, grazing land, and marsh, slopes up to woods of native bay, madrone, and oak.

We have been in business for 38 years. Hard to believe. What brought us here? Ricardo's evolution as a plantsman began with a degree in history from UC Berkeley with which, logically enough, he became a fledgling dress designer. He shifted to garden design, began collecting unusual plants for landscape projects, started selling some of these, began collecting more, eventually became something of a tree fanatic. With his wife, Sara, also a Berkeley graduate, he found 15 rural acres in Sonoma County for a nursery.

Ricardo ushered in the new century by re-designing the display garden adjacent to the nursery. A few years later with the help of his son, Joe, he created a second woodland garden. The Emerald Garden, as it is now known, is used for classes and special events.

We continue to build on the nursery’s three main collections: maples, dogwoods, and ginkgos. Rotating perennials through display areas as they flower in the gardens and adding architectural features are two examples of our efforts. Follow the progress on our blog, Wildwood World.